Our Australia

Join one family as we wander around this great country

Our Australia, a pictorial look at some interesting parts of Australia

Welcome to Our Australia, we're just a couple of typical Aussies who happen to think that we live in the best country in the world. Our Australia isn't one of those glossy and professionally presented sites so we're not going to show you all those usual places here in Australia that so many other sites want to show you. Instead we'll take you to places in Australia that we've been to and show you things the others don't.

Map of Australia

You will get to see Australia just as ordinary people see it - through photos taken by ordinary people. That is if you could call us 'ordinary'.

Perhaps we're not 'ordinary' but we certainly are average Australians and we love this wonderful country with a passion that we certainly make no apology for.

So come with us and look through the camera lens at our Australia - we love it!